"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."

- John Ruskin (Social Thinker and Philanthropist)

Our Founders

Southeastern Integrative Therapies was founded by Matthew Weneta, M.Ed. and Laurie Patrice, LPC, BCPC to bring the most comprehensive and highest caliber of treatment options to children with special needs and their families. Matthew Weneta and Laurie Patrice have each been working in the mental health field for over two decades. Over the years they became increasingly aware of how important coordination of care is for optimal treatment outcomes yet how difficult coordination of quality services can be.

Our Collaboration

As a result of their commitment to provide premium integrative and coordinated care for children with special needs and their families. All member practices have been vetted and systematically assembled, bringing together some of the best and the brightest professionals, all with extensive experience and expertise in their respective fields. Each member of the Southeastern Integrative Therapies team owns and operates a successful independent practice, yet all professionals come together to be a part of a collaborative treatment team so that comprehensive, coordinated, exemplary interventions are provided for clients.

Our Expertise

The members of Southeastern Integrative Therapies have unique areas of expertise and skills yet share common values and philosophies. The teams utilizes a systematic, strength-based, comprehensive approach to working with clients. The consensus among the experienced members of Southeastern Integrative Therapies is that helping families discover their strengths and then using those strengths as tools to help address challenges results in the greatest progress and best therapeutic outcomes.